Etá della Pietra

Turids most recent project is called Etá della Pietra – or stone age. The project actually started in 2012, but has this year evolved into two new sculptures «Selce» and «Rashio». These two sculptures are exhibited outside of Hotel Continental in Oslo, Norway until december 2019.

The sculptures all are made from inspiration from found objects at Turids home at Nøtterøy in Norway. The found objects are prehistoric tools used in the stone age – many made in stone. Based on these findings, Turid create sculptures in different marble and sizes – and with different stories.

Selce and Rashio (2019) outside Hotel Continental, Oslo Norway
Stone age sculpture «Selce» H180cm
Stone age sculpture «Selce» detail
Sculpture «Rashio» H100cm
Sculpture «Rashio»
Turid at Studio Sem working on the new sculpture in the project Eta´Della Pietra/Stone Age, here on the sculpture “Rashio”
Stone age sculpture «Selce»