This project is my way to show the defenceless and oppressed girls in the world the attention they deserve, with different variations of dresses made in marble and stones. The dress represents an armour and protection against the horrid injustice many children are facing in the world today. Therefore this feminine frame became the foundation of the series of sculptures named Nuova Vita – New Life. The repetetive shape of the dress states that all children in the society today deserves an innocent and safe childhood. When can the children dream of a future when there are no space or opportunity of daydreaming? All the different dresses that stands together symbolizing a new life, with hope, and dreams of a future without poverty and oppression.

The sculptures are for sale, each made in limited editions and of course original numbered. Contact for details.

The project includes over 30 sculptures made by Turids hand at Studio Sem in Italy.

Look at the online catalogue here

Exhibited the 7th – 22nd april 2018 in Sala della Grasce, Pietrasanta in Italy, as ordered by the Comune de Pietrasanta and in Norway in june 2018 and 2019 – Atelier Gyllenhammar, Tønsberg. 

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

The Nuova Vita project is dedicated to all the strong women I know.

For more information about the project or reservations of the sculptures please contact Turid at